Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Steel or Delrin?

Just got a word from DHL that a package from Ponoko is about to arrive tomorrow, they wanted to know whether they would take care of the customs and taxes, or would i do that myself. I let them do it. So, tomorrow i'll get more parts - they come from Ponoko New Zealand (though i ordered from USA). I have only two orders in from outside the EU, so they must be either the steel or the delrin parts for the Moco rig. Either way is good, i get to play a little again.

First "somewhat Moco" prototype, summer 2009
The motion control rig has very humble beginnings. As a proof-of-concept (and out of necessity), i made a quick time lapse camera rig two years ago from a RC toy car by changing the motor and modifying the transmission for very, very slow motion and stripping out the excess parts. Then i just put a small sand bag on top of that, and let the camera rest on it.

I used the crude proto to shoot an actual gig, Skanno's corporate video. I started with D90, but being hooked to a laptop for the time lapse trigger soon proved impractical (which reminds me, the Moco rig will need a still camera trigger option too i guess). For most shots, i used my trusty old HV20, a little HDV camera, sometimes with my DIY 35mm DoF adapter (built 2007). I just let it record for as long as i thought i needed the shot to be, then sped up the footage in post. I'm pretty happy with the results i got.

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